二、 地理位置

三、 技術(shù)力量

    我公司擁有大型端面車(chē)床C64200兩臺、61125C 15臺、6180車(chē)床18臺、數控鏜銑床3臺,專(zhuān)用滑輪軋機3臺、磨床2臺、CO2氣保焊機36臺,橋式起重機(最大起吊能力50t )等大小設備150多臺套,為我公司的產(chǎn)品提供強而有力的質(zhì)量保障。




  • 廠(chǎng)容廠(chǎng)貌


  • 廠(chǎng)容廠(chǎng)貌


  • 廠(chǎng)容廠(chǎng)貌


  • 廠(chǎng)容廠(chǎng)貌




    I. Brief introduction
    Our company is a specialized manufacturer for crane spare parts and accessories, such as hook assembly, pulleys and pulley blocks of various types as well as spare parts for cantilevered maintenance cranes. At present, we produce forged fixed pulley blocks for hook group of different specifications (from 5 tons up to 1600 tons) and hot-pressing pulleys (from dia. 280 mm up to dia.1800 mm).Our pulley products are widely used in various applications, such as crane loading and floating gantry, as well as various sectors such as metallurgical and chemical industries, mining machineries and construction installation engineering, etc. Our products, characterized by reasonable structure, high strength, light weight, high precision and high anti-wear performance because of heat treatment process for the surface of rope race, are expanding its application scope and are gradually replacing cast iron pulleys whose quality is not stable with high pollution and energy consumption.

    II. Location
    Located in Konggang Industrial Park of Xinbei District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province at the lower reaches of Yangtze River, our company borders Yangtze River and Shanghai-Nanjing high speed railways to the North, connects 312 National Highway and Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Cannel to the South. With only 5 km distance away from Changzhou Airport to the west, 1.5 km away from Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway and 0.8 km away from the New Airport avenue, we are endowed with convenient land, water and air transportation. Moreover, we are equipped with sound communication facilities with easy internet and e-mail accessibility.
    In order to better meet future development needs, we enlarged our production scope and planed new production premises, which occupies an area of 22,000 square meters, with construction area 15,000 square meters. At present, we possess workshops for various processes, such as mechanical workshop, test plant, paint shop, warehouse for semi-finished products, warehouse for finished products and warehouse for steel materials, in addition to an office building, a power distribution room and other auxiliary houses.

    III. Technical forces
    At present, there are 150 employees in our company, among which 15 technicians and 5 engineers are engaged in the research and development of hot-pressing pulleys for crane machinery and accessories for harbor machineries .All the welders have passed ABS certification with high-level welding skills and all of the lathe operators have obtained national 6-level certification.
    Hot-pressing pulley belongs to highly professional sector. Our company possesses most advanced hot mill in the industry, and therefore is in position to manufacture hot-pressing pulleys of various specifications, from dia.280mm up to dia.1800 mm. Carbon dioxide gas arc welding is adopted. Moreover, we can make customized design of pulley blocks and hook assembly of various specifications. Our hot-pressing pulleys are manufactured in accordance with GB/T 27546-2011. Meanwhile, our company collaborates and receives technical support from China Shipbuilding NDRI Engineering Co. Ltd.

    IV. Production equipment
    Thanks to an array of advanced production equipments,150 sets in total, such as 2 sets of large-scale C64200 lathe , 15 sets of 61125C lathe, 3 sets of CNC boring miller, 3 sets of pulley mill, 2 sets of grinder, 36 sets of carbon dioxide gas shielded welding machine and bridge cranes ( with max. lifting capacity of 50 tons), a strong support is provided to the quality of our products.

    V. Tenet of company
    It’s our aim to win the marketplace with good products, professional services and favorable price. Customer satisfaction is our permanent pursuit. We are here to seek joint development with our customers in sincerity and pragmatism.



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